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We start each new project with a brand workshop. We ask the big, philosophical questions, combined with specific, detailed questions, and discuss your brand in depth. About growth potential and target audience to which colour we should definitely not take. On the basis of this workshop, we look for inspiration. brandings that already exist and of which we think they are well constructed and/or in line with your brand. In addition, we look at what the market is doing.


We present logo, colour, typography, image and baseline. We always do this in the form of a key visual. This is usually a design on a single A4 page in which all the graphic elements are presented. This key visual forms the basis of the corporate identity: it contains a system so that we can build other designs in the same way quickly and effectively.


We develop all the products that were laid out in the offer. Before we start, we make a list of the input we expect from the customer. When we receive that, we finish everything according to a predetermined timetable. If the customer already has a designer for the graphic production, we can supply a brand book as a guideline.

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